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The Crusade Behind Conversions

Christians are thoroughly muddled over the business of conversion. They don’t want to quit this field of clover. However, think for a moment. Do they really want their Hindu and Muslim friends to join the churches? Listen in at their Pastorate Committee meetings. Quarrels over who is to be the next bishop, principal or secretary?…
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Challenges before Indian Christians

India is the homeland of four world religions — Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. The ancient sages have from time to time formulated different perceptions of the Almighty. Almost all the non-Indian religions set foot on Indian soil right from their very beginning. Even in their own lands of origin, Christianity and Islam faced stiff…
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USCIRF’s Criticism of India: Ill- informed and Prejudiced

Cover Page USCIRF's Criticism of India: Ill- informed and Prejudiced is a report published by the India Foundation is a rejoinder to the 2011 report of the United States Commission for International Religious Freedom. Upon a detailed reading of the 2011 report of the USCIRF as regards India, it was found that the Commission clearly…
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“Our Struggle Has Been About the Jewish State”

Cover page This publication reproduced the speech delivered by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu at the UN General Assembly in September 2011. This speech highlighted the fact that he wants peace between Israel and Palestine, but not at the cost of unrest within Israel itself. He takes the example of the Israeli withdrawal from Gaza before…
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