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Integral vision, not media creation, will define the Yogi Raj

At a BBC interview recently the  correspondent was asking about the Uttar Pradesh mandate and the choice of Yogi Adityanath as the Chief Minister. This has been talk of the town among the so-called liberal intelligentsia in the last few days. The questions naturally ranged from the controversial statements in the past attributed to Yogi…
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Participatory Agenda for India’s Progress

He arrived in style.. the turban he wore reminding the countrymen of a Swami Vivekanand who went to the World Parliament of Religions in Chicago some 121 years ago wearing the same. He invoked Swami Vivekanand a couple of time in his speech to proclaim that ‘India will once again rise to become Vishwa Guru’.…
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Chinese Aggression – India’s Response

The Chinese had come in, pitched their tents for almost three weeks well inside the Indian territory - initially it was said that they had come in some 10 KMs inside and later announced that it was 19 KMs - and after three futile flag meetings they themselves have withdrawn, as per the latest media…
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