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Defence Modernisation – Naval Aspects:

Achievements and Aspirations for the Future Modern Indian Navy Technology is known to gallop, and therefore ‘Defence Modernisation’ is a continuous activity for any military, and is critical for the Nation’s Security. Every Head  of  a service is required to  ensure that his or her  arm  is ready to deter an enemy, and if needed…
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Special Forces: Need to Optimise Potential

The spectrum of conflict has four segments viz; nuclear, biological and chemical; conventional, sub-conventional, and; cyberspace. The conventional wars are getting rare because costs of conventional wars have risen phenomenally both in terms of finances and human lives. Therefore, a quiet but significant change has occurred in warfare, in that, while earlier it was only…
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Modernisation of the Armed Forces: Reforming the Defence Procurement Regime

India aspires to be an economic and military power. To achieve that, India must possess the necessary military strength to ensure security of its national interests in a dynamic international geo-political environment. Worrisomely, slow and tardy modernisation of the Indian armed forces has been a matter of concern for all those who are concerned with…
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Budgeting for Defence: Beyond Mere ‘Apportioning’ of Financial Resources

“Keeping in view the increasing threat perception, which includes various occurrences of external strife and internal dissidence such as Doklam, increased external activities in Tibet over a year(sic), rampant cross border firing, militant activities etc., the current budget is not supportive to the inevitable needs of the Army ( Armed forces)…” - Extract from the…
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