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ASEAN-India: Entrepreneurship and Skill Development

Different methodologies aside, which only result in minor variations, it would be correct to state that a pie chart representing the Indian economy would be a highly disproportional one vis-à-vis the three main sectors of the economy and the number of people dependent on them. The agricultural sector for instance, is a space that employs…
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ASEAN-India: Cultural and Historical Linkages

In 1927, one of the greatest architects of modern India, Rabindranath Tagore undertook an intellectual pilgrimage to south-east Asia. The prolific writer expressed his intent, ‘We have embarked on this pilgrimage to see the signs of the history of India’s entry into the universal.’ Almost a century ago from today, Tagore had realised the necessity…
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ASEAN-India: Physical Connectivity

Southeast Asia is a focal point of India’s foreign policy, strategic concerns and economic interests. With Myanmar already included in the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN), India shares land border with ASEAN and maritime border with Thailand and Malaysia. In this context, the Northeast region of India has emerged as a critical bridgehead. India…
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ASEAN-India: Economic Connectivity

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Shangri La Dialogue, marking 25 years of partnership with ASEAN remarked “For thousands of years, Indians have turned to the East. Not just to see the sunrise, but also to pray for its light to spread over the entire world. The human-kind now looks to the Rising East,…
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