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India-Mauritius Relationship: An Enduring Friendship

Our sincere felicitations to Shri Pravind Jugnauth,the Hon’ble Prime Minister of Mauritius on his assumption of the august office of the Prime Minister of Mauritius since January 2017. We are happy that he had chosen India for his first visit abroad after taking over as the Prime Minister. Such visits assume significance as they strengthen…
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Civilisational Foundations of Indian State

Since the time we became independent about seven decades ago, the Indian state has evolved into a successful institution. The whole evolution of this statecraft - in the form of states, our political establishment, managing the diverse demographies - all this has a very solid foundation. That foundation is the ancient nationhood of this nation.…
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Blood-Buddhas: Link between Global Terror and Heritage Theft

How much does a terrorist attack cost? Where does the money come from? How does the money get through to terror groups? How are far-off countries like India, an integral part of the terror-funding network? While Indian media was busy justifying and communalising the issue; international agencies like the UNSC and Antiques Coalition  publishedsome shocking…
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Guru-Shishya Tradition of India Vs. the Fake Baba Phenomenon

Amidst the debate and criticism of the ‘Baba’ phenomenon (referring to pseudo gurus), the concept that got tarnished is the Vedic Guru-Shishya tradition of India. In the present times, the situations are igniting widespread examination of the Babas and their instrumentality. Being infuriated by the shocking revelations unfolding from the fictitious cover of spirituality and…
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