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Trends in India’s Foreign Policy

All the changes that we are seeing in the world today — the rise of China, events in the US and Middle East and India’s growing influence — are all part of a process. Hence, it is important to always keep context in mind. The present international system can be traced back to the breakup…
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India’s Neighbourhood Policy

How do we define India’s neighbourhood? Does it refer to our immediate neighbourhood, is it determined by geography, is it shaped by history or is it shaped by political impulses that are beyond our control? Answering this question is important to not only understand India’s core national interest but also in determining India’s foreign policy.…
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Factors Responsible for Sectarianism in Gilgit-Baltistan Region

Introduction Sectarian conflict is not a new phenomenon and has existed in the culture of the sub-continent for many centuries in one form or the other. In its literal meaning, sectarianism refers to a rigid adherence to a particular sect. It often implies discrimination, denunciation, or violence against those outside the sect. The term is…
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