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Socio-ethics of Surrogacy in India and Reproductive Justice

India had become one of the most popular global destinations for commercial surrogacy by the year 2015, providing standardised in-vitro fertilisation technology and English-speaking doctors for cheaper rate especially to couples seeking surrogacy from abroad. Surrogacy agents linking clinics in India with prospective parents abroad had mushroomed all over the world. However, it was only…
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Women in Indian Media

Media is the sensitive litmus test that represents the dichotomy of tradition and transformation in society. The coming of media institutions in India announced a culture of revolutionary inclusiveness and its further ballooning caused the collapse of conventional pecking orders. Having said that, the media never disregarded the policy of reproduction and reaffirmation of social…
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Ushering into an Era of Connectivity and Prosperity

First I would like to thank PM Modi, my friend, the friend of Afghanistan, for his steadfast attention to nurture this historic relationship. A billion ties will grow to billions more of hope in common understanding. I would like to thank the Indian people. The welcome that has been given to Afghans, the billion dollars that India…
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