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India and the Indian Ocean Region: The New Geo-Economics

~ By Sanjaya Baru In his rare classic India and the Indian Ocean: An Essay on the Influence of Sea Power on Indian History, historian K.M. Pannikar reminded us, “Milleniums before Columbus sailed the Atlantic and Magellan crossed the Pacific, the Indian Ocean had become an active thoroughfare of commercial and cultural traffic.” [1] Thanks…
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India must seriously take up its Role in Indian Ocean Region

~ By Sunil Raman In the two years since assuming office Prime Minister Narendra Modi has made a decisive difference in positioning India and in addressing its security concerns. His initiative in the Indian Ocean Region is one such prominent break from the past. The disjointed and hesitant steps of the past is giving way to…
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Af-Pak Relations after Mansour

~ By Alok Bansal The killing of Mullah Mansour, the leader of Taliban on 22nd May, near AmadWal inside Pakistan’s Balochistan province has had a significant impact on the security situation of the region. It has also worsened the already tenuous relations between Pakistan and the US. This, the first drone attack inside Balochistan, saw…
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