Border Speaks: Untold story of the Indo-Tibetan Border

India shares large borders with its neighbor China in the North-East and Northern parts. These borders have not been stable since the time of independence and there have been continuous Chinese incursions in the Indian Territory. Border Speaks was a seminar organized by India Foundation to get to know the truth of the Chinese incursions…
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Discussion on State and Non-State Actors of Global Terror

The discussion on state and non-state actors of global terror was an effort by the India Foundation to bring on a common platform people who have been relentlessly fighting this demon and have them share their views. The speakers at the event were Shri Tarek Fatah, Canadian writer, broadcaster and an  activist. He has authored…
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Panel Discussion on Human Rights Violation in Bangladesh and Pakistan

Religious intolerance in our neighboring countries today has led to various atrocities against minorities including Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhists, Christians as well as against other factions within Islam itself. The idea behind organizing this panel discussion was to discuss and bring light on Human Rights violations in Bangladesh and Pakistan. This was held on 10th April,…
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