Establishment of the Centre for Confluence of Cultures at India Foundation

The Centre for Confluence of Cultures (CCC), the fourth centre of India Foundation, will give an impetus to the study of ‘soft power’, an area of increasing global significance. The Centre will engage with practitioners, academics, policy makers and other stakeholders to study, promote and disseminate knowledge, with an emphasis on an India-centric view of the confluence of cultures. The Centre, apart from carrying out research, also proposes to maps the various elements of India’s cultural influence such as Ayurveda, cinema, cuisine, design, handicrafts, sports, literature, music, performing arts, spirituality, tourism, visual arts and yoga, conduct workshops on its cultural markers, and promote employment opportunities through the soft power economy. The Centre seeks to host conferences, seminars and other events highlighting India’s cultural influence, and will collaborate with similar institutions around the world to enable knowledge sharing and promotion of India’s confluence of cultures.

India’s wide diversity of cultural forms needs study and networking. The Centre for Confluence of Cultures (CCC) will be the first centre in India with a focus on soft power research, initiatives and leadership. With this is mind, some of the key activities of the Centre are research, establishing a network of cultural entrepreneurs, collaborating with states to promote religious tourism, and hosting conferences and training programs for various stakeholders.

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