Aakrosh Journal No. 79, Vol. 21


A video released on jihadist forums by al-Qaeda declared that the road to victory in Kashmir lies through attacks on big Indian cities; if big cities are targeted, India will be forced to seek a compromise on Kashmir. To achieve this goal, a strong organisation is required which all South Asian Muslims must support to turn India into a war zone. A new organisation, called al-Qarar, on the other hand, appealed to al-Qaeda to pledge support to Islamic State through a video that appeared to have been released from the Jamia Masjid area of Srinagar, where Islamic State flags have often been seen during protest marches. In another interview, al-Qaeda asked jihadists to turn the entire subcontinent into an Islamic region – a tall order indeed
At present, there is no visible presence of al-Qaeda in India, but our intelligence agencies should be on the lookout for small, hidden cells and supporters that should be neutralised
before they proliferate.

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