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Indo-US Ties at a Time of Global Fluidity

Indian foreign policy is in a sweet spot these days. Wooed by major powers of all hues, it can afford to work with everyone, even if at times the pulls and pressures seem contradictory. This was even reflected at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires in December 2018 where New Delhi managed to pull off…
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Russia: A Key Pillar of India’s Foreign Policy

The long standing partnership, which New Delhi and Moscow have enjoyed since diplomatic relations were established in April 1947 have seen many ups and downs. After the disintegration of the Soviet Union, Indo-Russian relations have gone through some rough patches, with the relationship notably weakening during the 1990s. It is of significance however, that at…
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India Unveils Maritime Diplomacy in the Indian Ocean Region

Abstract India was known as a reluctant maritime power in the Northern Indian Ocean Region. In spite of the dominant geo-strategic location, India refrained from demonstrating and unveiling its proactive maritime diplomacy to project power with an objective of securing vital national interests. If India does not create capabilities matching the strategic boundaries that extend…
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