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Investment Treaties and Disputes Within

~ By Kanu Agrawal 'Importance of Bilateral Investment Treaties' In a fast paced, technologically driven globalized world, foreign investment plays a crucial role in the progress of most developing countries. The role of foreign investment becomes more complex, as it mostly takes place from ‘developed’ economies to the ‘developing’ economies. There are basic social, political…
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Role of Government in Social and Financial Inclusion

~ By Sanjay Paswan The misplaced narrative being articulated by a section of the media and the intelligentsia on the effectiveness of the BJP led NDA Government in the Centre on the social sector front is indeed worrisome. By all means, the Government of India (GoI) is effectively exploring multiple facets of empowerment for the…
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3rd International Dharma-Dhamma Conference

The Centre for Study of Religion and Society (CSRS) of India Foundation is organising the 3rd International Dharma-Dhamma Conference on 24-26 October 2015 at Indore, Madhya Pradesh, India. The Conference is being organised in collaboration with the Department of Culture, Govt. of Madhya Pradesh and Sanchi University of Buddhist-Indic Studies (SUBIS), Madhya Pradesh as part…
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NJAC: Rationalising the Judicial Appointments

~ By Raghav Pandey In a democracy the ultimate citadel of power rests with the people. The government and its institutions derive their strength from its citizens and usually the agent of such delegation of power is a well drafted Constitution. The Legislature and the Executive in the Indian constitutional setup, hence derive their powers…
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