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Af-Pak Relations after Mansour

~ By Alok Bansal The killing of Mullah Mansour, the leader of Taliban on 22nd May, near AmadWal inside Pakistan’s Balochistan province has had a significant impact on the security situation of the region. It has also worsened the already tenuous relations between Pakistan and the US. This, the first drone attack inside Balochistan, saw…
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MUDRA Bank: A Boon of Swarojgar

~ By Priyang Pandey MUDRA Bank or Micro Units Development and Refinance Agency Bank is aregulatorand a one stop solution for developing and refinancing the micro-finance institutions (MFIs) and to implement ‘credit guarantee scheme’for micro enterprises in India which according to NSSO survey of 2013 comprises over 5.77 crores business units. Modi government announced MUDRA…
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Co-option of Pakistan: A New China Perspective

~ By Zulfiqar Shah Pakistan has kicked off a new chapter in its strategic as well as economic history, which essentially can be dubbed as Sinification of Pakistan society and state. This would be first-ever initiative over seventy years history of the country that Pakistan has decided a major and futuristic shift in its strategic…
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