Kerala’s Radical Turn

This was published in April 2011 and is a collection of select articles by various authors, detailing the rise and sustenance of radical Islam in Kerala. In his article, T.G Mohandas details, from history as to how this spread had begun, while Girish P. details several recent and contemporary anecdotes that elaborate this premise. There…
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A Tale of Three Reports

This report by P.N. Benjamin details the facts, fiction and politics behind the incidents of violence against churches in Karnataka.  This report published in June 2011 also details the facts that the Somashekara Commission gave a ‘clean chit’ stating the apprehension that the Sangha Parivar, BJP or politicians were involved in the attacks against the…
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The Great Telecom Fudge

This publication was authored by Shri. Arun Shourie and published by the India Foundation. Having been the Minister of Disinvestment, Communication and Information Technology, Mr. Shourie tries to expose and counter the many allegations that were leveled against the policies of the NDA regime that were seen as the starting point to the many Spectrum…
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