Centre For Security And Strategy (CSS)

CSS, works on issues regarding national security and international relations. It works to collate, interpret, analyse and generate opinion on issues of national importance.Led by a team of former security professionals and diplomats it engages with Institutions, Governments and individuals both in India and overseas to forge alliances and develop a common understanding and response to the security challenges that face the Indian nation. It’s team is made up of people who are of international repute and have established credentials in their domain areas.


Centre For Study Of Religion And Society (CSRS)

CSRS, New Delhi works on research and documentation of issues gripping social, religious and political sphere. Besides this, it is also instrumental in drafting coherent responses to the emerging challenges from an India-centric perspective. Managed by a Governing Board of eminent academics and scholars, CSRS organizes conferences, seminars and discussions on a regular basis in Delhi and in other parts of India in collaboration with various sections of the society including academia, government and civil society.


Centre For Constitutional And Legal Studies (CCLS)

CCLS, is engaged in the study of legal and constitutional issues as they relate to the Indian Polity. The objective of the Centre is to study the ever evolving legal and constitutional framework both in India and globally to come up with models and recommendations to further strengthen the Indian system. The centre also engages in study of various indigenous systems to come up with a model that may be best suited to the Indian nation and its people. This centre is staffed with eminent jurists and reputed members of the legal fraternity.


Center for Public Diplomacy and Soft Power (CPDSP)

The Center for Public Diplomacy and Soft Power was instituted by India Foundation and represents the first center in India that dedicatedly focuses on the field of public diplomacy and soft power in the global scenario. Based in Chennai, the Center continues to take initiatives that bring together stakeholders, individuals and organizations to discuss and study the prospects and challenges of India’s role in public diplomacy and soft power through various verticals such as Yoga, Ayurveda, Cuisine, Arts, Crafts and Design, Cinema, Digital Diplomacy, Cultural organisations & think tanks, Museums and more. The Center aims to advance the study of public diplomacy and soft power through initiatives, lectures and events ; workshops and training programs ; joint collaboration in research projects and academic conferences. The Center organised its first international conference on Soft Power in December 2018, which witnessed the participation of speakers from 16 countries and 250 participants.