Response to the article in ‘The Wire’

The article in The Wire dated November 4, 2017 by Ms Swati Chaturvedi suggesting conflict of interest between the Foundation and its Directors is without basis.

The article in question is speculative and clearly intends to insinuate wrong-doing where there is none.It strikes a maleficent tone without any basis other than surmise. The India Foundation deplores the surmises and innuendos used to attack its legacy, reputation and credibility.

The India Foundation is a premier organisation with a track record of consistent work in nation building and building cultural and social awareness of the potential of the country, since 2009.

The directors concerned have been associated with the India Foundation long before they became Ministers or even Members of Parliament.

In a democracy, think tanks which provide a platform for the exchange and evolution of ideas play an important role. The India Foundation has already clarified that lobbying is not and has never been a part of its agenda. Lobbying which has been the bane of this country, is the kind undertaken in the shadows and back rooms and not in public forums.

It is clarified and reiterated that:

1. No foreign funding has ever been received by the Foundation from any overseas private corporation or individual.

2. The Foundation and its Directors have not furthered the commercial or private interests of any company, domestic or foreign. The agenda of its meetings are concerned with culture, geo-politics, and macro-economics such as the investment climate in India and development of the North East.

3. The Foundation is in complete compliance with all statutory requirements and the activities of the Foundation which are public and transparent, faithfully adhere to its charter.

– Shaurya Doval

Director, India Foundation