September 18, 2020

18th edition of the DOC Rhodes Forum


Dates: October 1-2, 2020

Theme: The World at Crossroads Again: Reinventing International Cooperation

About the Event:

For nearly two decades, DOC Research Institute has held its flagship Rhodes Forum – an annual ideas- driven global affairs conference – and brought together some of the best minds from around the world to discuss the major challenges facing humanity. The Forum tackles issues in economic development, global governance and geopolitics, and culture and civilisations.


India Foundation is partnering with the DOC for this year’s Rhodes Forum. In the context of the 75th anniversaries of the end of WW2 and the formation of the United Nations, and the Covid-19 crisis, the theme for this year’s Forum will be ‘The world at the crossroads again: Reinventing international cooperation’.

Please join us online October 1 & 2 for stimulating keynote speeches, panel discussions, and debates with experts and policy makers from around the world.

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