August 14, 2021

6th Dharma Dhamma Conference 2021

  • Date –   7-9 November 2021
  • Place –   Nalanda University, Bihar, India
  • Theme –   Dharma-Dhamma Traditions in building the Post-Covid World Order

About The Conference

The unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic has not only adversely impacted the health of nations but has brought about a churning in the mindsets and lifestyles too. Given the deleterious effects of this disease in all aspects of life, it is now widely accepted that as mankind moves forward, a critical re-evaluation of both lifestyles and thinking is necessary in order to bring peace, health and balance back into the universe.

The old-world order, based on economy, trade and defence, as the essential bonding factors between nations, is giving way to a new one in the post-Covid era. New agenda items of urgency like climate change and other environmental issues; healthcare, not as disease management but with an emphasis on healthy living; technologies like AI, robotics, big data and block chain, that impact everyday human life directly and indirectly; and finally, the resultant impact on the human dignity and human rights of world citizens will dominate the global discourse in building that new world order. The need for science, technology and economy with a human face was never felt so intensely before by mankind.

The Dharma-Dhamma traditions of Hinduism and Buddhism, together with other religious persuasions of the East, have distinctly holistic and inclusive answers to the challenges of the emerging post-Covid world order. The Dharma-Dhamma approach to environment, holistic healthcare, human-centric development and human dignity can act as a defining wisdom for mankind in its endeavour for survival and progress on the principles of peaceful coexistence, non-violence, truth, amity and respect for all other forms of life. In effect, the Dharma-Dhamma traditions can play a vital role in shaping both the individual lifestyles as well as the politics and governance for recovering and moving forward from the ravages of the pandemic, laying the foundation for a happier and healthier future where society and nature can coexist in a harmonious spirit.

Nalanda University in collaboration with India Foundation is organising the 6th Dharma-Dhamma Conference on 7-9 November 2021, in Nalanda University, Bihar, India. The 6th Dharma Dhamma Conference will examine the ways and means by which Dharma-Dhamma traditions can play that vital role at this critical turning point in human existence. The Conference aims to bring together religious, political and thought leaders from Dharma-Dhamma traditions to ponder over building a philosophical framework for the emerging new world order.

Call for Papers

The theme of 6th Dharma Dhamma Conference is “Dharma-Dhamma Traditions in building the Post-Covid World Order”. Nalanda University and India Foundation invite innovative Research Papers for presentation on the following sub-themes.

  1. Traditional Resources and Modern Crises
  2. Dharma and Dhamma for the Post-Covid World
  3. Climate Change and Eco-crises
  4. Spiritualization of Science and Technology
  5. Human Dignity, Rights and Duties
  6. Value-Oriented Education
  7. Holistic Health Care
  8. Social Harmony and Cosmic Peace
  9. Governance for Human Centric Development
  10. Dharmic Traditions in Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

Paper presenters needs to submit 300 words abstract on any one sub-theme and if the abstract is selected then a Research Paper of 3000 words needs to be submitted.

The abstract and the paper may be sent by email in a word file to dharmadhamma@indiafoundation.in

Submission Deadlines:

Last Date for Submission of Abstract (300 Words):  31 August 2021

Announcement of Selected Abstracts for Paper Presentation: 20 September 2021

Last Date for Submission of Paper (3000 Words): 20 October 2021

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6th Dharma Dhamma Conference


Registration Form:

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