June 25, 2024

8th International Dharma Dhamma Conference

Dates: 23-25 August 2024

Venue: Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India

Dharma Dhamma Conference is an initiative of India Foundation, aimed to focus on the essential identity between the Dharma-Dhamma viewpoints because these thoughts are as relevant today as they have been over millennia exemplified by the abiding continuum of Hindu and Buddhist Civilizations. The aim of this annual conference is to facilitate the cross-pollination of ideas and foster harmony between the two ancient Civilizations, so that Dharma-Dhamma becomes a veritable celebration of freedom. It is all the more essential in view of the forces released by Globalization today, to integrate the Orient through the common factor of Dharma-Dhamma link provided by centuries of cultural and civilisational interconnectedness.

India Foundation, in collaboration with Gujarat University, Ahmedabad is organizing the 8th International Dharma Dhamma Conference in Ahmedabad, Gujarat from 23-25 August 2024. The theme of the conference is ‘Cosmology in Dharma-Dhamma Traditions’. The Conference aims to bring together religious, political, and thought leaders from Dharma-Dhamma traditions to ponder over building a philosophical framework for the emerging new world order. The conference will have plenary Sessions to debate and discuss various sub-themes of the conference along with paper presentation sessions where researchers from India and abroad will get an opportunity to present their papers.