September 2, 2022

Exploring Consciousness: Non-Duality to Non-Locality – The Man Machine Debate

September 22-24, 2022

Bangalore, India

About the Conference:
India Foundation and National Institute of Mental Health and Neurosciences (NIMHANS, an institute of National Importance), in partnership with Federation of Karnataka Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FKCCI), are organizing an international conference on Consciousness with the theme, “Exploring Consciousness- From Non- Locality to Non- Duality: The Man- Machine Debate” between 22nd to 24th September 2022 at NIMHANS, Bangalore, India.

Consciousness is primary for all the experiences in life. The endeavor to understand the origin and nature of consciousness is becoming a mature science. The latter is showing its immense potential application across human endeavors, ranging from fundamental research to clinical applications, ethics, business, technology and mankind at large for individual  and collective wellbeing. Thus, exchanging and debating information and ideas in this vast domain is of major importance to the scientific community and to society.

The conference will bring together some of the most eminent researchers and inventors in the areas of physics, biology, neuroscience, artificial intelligence, cybernetics, quantum computing and allied fields as well as scholars and spiritual teachers of the major Indic Spiritual and psychological disciplines and doctrines. The Conference aims to build bridges and work towards a consensus between scientists, technologists, sociologists, spiritual and philosophical scholars from Indian/Asian and Western traditions.

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