October 16, 2020

Role of Public Diplomacy and Soft Power in the New World Order


November 18 2020


50 seats






5 days


Virtual live


The programme is being jointly offered by India Foundation’s Center for Public Diplomacy and Soft Power and Standpoint India.

Center for Public Diplomacy and Soft Power was instituted by the India Foundation and represents the first center in India to dedicatedly focus on the field of public diplomacy and soft power in the global context. It aims to advance its study through initiatives, lectures and events, workshops and training programs, and joint collaborations in research projects and academic conferences.

Standpoint India is an editorial founded with the objective of reflecting India’s diverse realities through disciplined sourcing of analyses, critique and knowledge on a wide range of topics that concern the Indian citizenry.


Role of Public Diplomacy and Soft Power in the New World Order is a five-day intensive learning programme that traces the evolution of public diplomacy and soft power in key geographies across the globe. It brings together a collective of national and international domain experts to examine its impact on topics of pivotal relevance such as commerce, culture and international relations.

Programme Structure

The learning modules dive deep into crucial aspects of public diplomacy and soft power through a series of lectures and roundtables that cover culture, trade, archaeology, art and architecture, designed for intensive learning.

Lectures and Roundtables

Holistic approach to learning as eight lectures and a roundtable cover both historic and contemporary aspects of each topic


Activities designed to prompt a deeper churn for enhanced learning and contextual understanding of the subject

Expert connect

Interaction with subject matter experts post lectures on certain topics for better assimilation of knowledge

Continuous assessment

Parameters include daily interactions with variable weights, as opposed to rote methods of assessment


The curriculum is spread over four days starting 18 November, with the fifth being marked for assessment and submissions. A preparation period of one week will precede the date of assessment.

Day one – Reputational Security, Soft Power and Good Countries

Covers crucial components of public diplomacy and soft-power, with focus on academic concepts and their nexus

Day two – Public Diplomacy and Culture

Dive deep into the cultural evolution of diverse geographies and the resulting interconnectedness, its impact on geo-politics and what it means for the future

Day three – Cultural Impact on International Trade

Discover the role of culture in shaping trade between ancient superpowers and how it impacted the civilisational evolution of contemporary nations; included is a discussion on what it means for the future of international relations

Day four – Art, Archaeology and Architectural Conservation

Explore the importance of art forms in public diplomacy and its influence on international relations; archaeology as a tool for understanding shared histories and values; the need for architectural conservation to preserve historic ties

Day five – Assessment

Assessment, paper submissions and sign-off

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