April 9, 2019

5th International Dharma Dhamma Conference

27-28 July 2019, Rajgir, Bihar

Theme: Sat-Chit-Ananda & Nirvana in Dharma-Dhamma Traditions

About the Conference

India Foundation is organizing the 5th International Dharma Dhamma Conference on the theme “Sat-Chit-Ananda & Nirvana” in Dharma-Dhamma Traditions. The purpose of organizing this conference is to enquire into the entire gamut of reality, knowledge and values from diverse perspectives so as to understand the nature, meaning and significance of human and cosmic existence, and to shape future projections and ultimate destiny of human and cosmos. Naturally therefore the individual human self, human society, social, political, economic, cultural enterprises etc. will become the focal points of our deliberations. To a reflective mind reality (sat), knowledge (chit) and values (Ananda)are the focal points for all theoretical and practical enterprises. In our worldly life we have to reckon with all the three. The ratiocinative human mind is intuitive and argumentative, descriptive of the nature of reality and prescriptive of the norms and ideals of life in accordance there with. These have been the guiding principles of a civil society. What is needed is systematic refection on entire reality with a holistic and integral approach. Human mind has to ponder over the lived experiences in order to be benefitted by them to realize good quality life in the world and to experience the summumbonumof life which is happiness and bliss (moksha/Nirvana). Our considerations should be prompted by life’s urges and ideals, problems and vicissitudes. At the empirical level the problems and riddles of life arise due to imperfections and infirmities of human nature along with social, political, economic and other material conditions. These are not mere theoretical questions but practical ones which are to be faced in concrete life-situation. Humankind at the present juncture of time is passing through turmoil and facing a crisis, which is manifold and multi-dimensional. In this context the organization of this conference is meaningful. India Foundation, in collaboration with Nalanda University, is organising the 5th International Dharma-Dhamma Conference on 27-28 July 2019 in Rajgir, Bihar.

The Sub-themes of the Conference for four Panel discussion sessions are: 1. Sat (Truth), 2. Chit (Consciousness), 3. Ananda (Bliss) & 4. Nirvana (Enlightenment).The papers are invited for these four sub-themes.

Brochure of the 5th International Dharma Dhamma Conference ( Download Link )

To participate in the 5th International Dharma Dhamma Conference, please register on the following link.

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