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September 19, 2017

Commemoration of the Battle of Haifa

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There are some battles that are so decisive that they change the course of history and human destiny. The Battle of Haifa fought on the slopes of the sacred Mount Carmel on 23 September 1918 is one such battle. It was here that a small band of four

hundred Indian horsemen armed with swords and lances routed over fifteen hundred Turkish soldiers armed with modern rifles, machine guns and artillery guns. Perhaps it is the geographical setting of the region that makes it the most hotly contested piece of real estate on Earth. Here the three great continents of Asia, Africa and Europe meet and so do the two forked tongues of the Indian Ocean in the form of the Red Sea and Persian Gulf reach towards the Mediterranean which links it to the Atlantic and across it to the Americas.

India Foundation in association with Nehru Memorial Museum and Library (NMML) and Indian War Veterans Association (IWVA) is hosting a commemoration on 20 September 2017 at Nehru Memorial Museum & Library, Teen Murti Bhawan, New Delhi.


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