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June 20, 2018

Fifth India Ideas Conclave

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The India Ideas Conclave is an annual conclave that the Foundation organises to bring together a luminary gathering of policy makers and public intellectuals from India and abroad. Over 400 invited intellectuals, including government and corporate leaders, scholars, journalists, politicians and social activists participate in this important conclave where ideas and opinions are exchanged in a candid and scholarly atmosphere.

The first four editions of the conclave saw the participation of scholars from over 25 countries including several Heads of State and other dignitaries. Last year, the highly successful conclave was expanded in scope to include the Indic Thoughts Festival to celebrate India’s civilizational heritage.

The 5th India Ideas Conclave is scheduled to take place on October 26-28, 2018 in New Delhi. The theme of this year’s conclave is ‘Citizens’ Manifesto – Churn of Ideas’.

Location : Delhi

Date: 26-28 Oct 2018

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  1. I am a phd holder in central asia and south asia energy and trade relations from jnu new delhi…i want to participate in this conclave because it can really add to my knowledge of the security and other aspects of south Asian politics.

  2. Namaskar Sir,

    Sir, I am a research scholar at CRCAS, School of International Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) and I am very eager to join the Fifth India Ideas Conclave that is going to hold this year in October. Please guide me about the procedure of becoming a participant or delegate for the above-mentioned conclave.

  3. I am Ph.D. candidate in the field of International Politics and International Relations. Being a research scholar in this field its is important to gain and enhance our knowledge about domestic as well as international issues in said subject. I think participating in India Ideas conclave is best way to enhance our knowledge about the country. Hence, i am interested and willing to participate in Fifth India Idea Conclave.

  4. I am a research scholar from Jawaharlal Nehru University. I would like to join the conclave.
    Kindly let me know how to register for the same.

    Best regards
    Aditi Singh

  5. This dussehra get victory over yourself.
    जय not विजय।
    सिंह आसन – Lion throne.

    Why do we call it सिंह आसन। Because of the fact, that whoever sits on it, has to control the lion within.पशु प्रवृत्ति, the inhabitance of domination. In hindu mythologies , all gods have a vehicle or आसन in the form of animals.we treat power as शक्ति, the natural form and name of goddess durga, shiv -shakti. We have been communicating the stories since centuries which are written in the form of mythological literature.

    Durga is seating on lion, the king of jungle, undisputably the most dominating creature after human.

    Why shakti is seated on सिंह।Because she has to control the power within otherwise she would become Kali and she will destroy the universe in seconds. सिंह आसन is a reminder that with great power comes even greater responsibilities. Ravan is also a king. He kidnaps sita despite his vedic gyan. In अहंकार, he tries to burn hanumanaji’s tail. In result, golden lanka was burnt in ashes. Dashrath is also seating on lion throne. He takes the most emotional and toughest decision of his life.He sends his elder and dearing son Ram to forest for 14 years. Because dashrath was binded by his वचन। राम भी सिंह आसन पर बैठकर उसे शुशोभित करते हैं। He creates the lovely ram rajya, which we all just can dream of. It is not possible when people are killed merely on rumours.Sometimes I wonder who is really running the government everywhere not speaking of india only. Is it the democratically elected government or the billionaire companies facebook, their baby organization WhatsApp, in short social media. What is so funny about it. Why are our leaders advocating about social media like they are their brand ambassadors, while all the time criticizing the main media.

    I am not on social media yet god is giving me food. Social media was created to enhance communication. Social communication platform it was named. But there is no communication संवाद, only debates विवाद। विवाद नहीं संवाद, तभी जीवन में रस आएगा। यहाँ तो सिर्फ trolling trolling trolling….. और बहुत खुश। दो चार लाइन देशभक्ति के लिख दिये और फिर चल दिये बच्चे लुटेरे gang का सफाया करने। चल पड़े army के ऊपर पत्थर फेकने के लिए। किसने इनको ये अधिकार दिया है। blame has to go on lion throne.मेरे जैसे मुर्ख यह जानते हैं कि social media एक ऐसे criminal world को पैदा कर रहा है जो आपको कभी भी खत्म कर सकता है।चाहे वह isis हो या फिर कोई senseless mob जिन्होंने एक महीने में 30 व्यक्तियों की हत्या कर दी। जैसे दारुबन्दी के द्वारा बिहार सरकार ने भेंट स्वरुप एक लाख criminals gift किया। A government of Bihar initiative. और 15 वर्ष के युवकों को इस धंधे में धकेल दिया। हो सकता है इसी चीज को government reform कहती है।stimulus और response में एक pause होना चाहिए।

    If you want reform, Reimage yourself,recreate yourself. आत्मा उन्मीलन, liberation of soul. The oldest name of Mahabharat is Jaya(जय), victory over yourself.So please don’t suppress any one.

    खैर ये मेरा अपना मत है। जगत मिथ्या, ब्रह्म सत्यम। हम सब भी एक सिंह आसन पर बैठे हैं।वह है हमारा शरीर।हमारी आत्मा।हमे अपने ऊपर जय करना है।अपने अहंकार को खत्म कर के खुद से प्रेम करना है। राम, रावण, हिटलर, रजनीश सब एक पात्र हैं। बाकी आप सब खुद ज्ञानी हैं।जो प्रभु राम का नहीं, वो हमारे काम का नहीं।क्योंकि फैलाना ही है तो राम को फैलाइये, within and without. बिनु सत्संग विवेक न होई, राम कृपा बिनु सुलभ न सोई। एक रामभक्त का नमस्कार।

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