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June 20, 2018

India Foundation delegation’s visit to Germany and Belgium

India Foundation, in collaboration with Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), is organizing a delegation visit to Germany and Belgium from June 24-29, 2018.

This delegation of experts and politicians from India will exchange views on foreign and security policy with experts, politicians and military officials from Germany and get to know key German and European security institutions.

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  1. Kind Attention :
    Mr Shaurya Doval
    And esteemed Members of the Govering Body

    Dear Sir,

    I wish to join India Foundation in a befitting capacity

    I have served 24 years in the Army with 12 years in J& K on the LoC and in the counter insurgency grid. I had established some new procedures to integrate Village Def Platioons ( of civil volunteers ) and women cells to gain Human Int in real time. This was practiced over 75 KMs with high rate of success.

    I commanded a locality called OINAM Post in Manipur which is till date known for a deadly raid by Naga Insurgents in which over 20 soldiers of Assam Rifs were killed . Soon after taking over, I changed the defensive posture to an attacking posture which is never practiced in the Indian Army. My team soon captured the former Finance Minister of NSCN in Nagaland with large cash and documents and handed him over LIVE to the authorities without firing a bullet. This operation was carried out over 100 KMs of hot pursuit.

    In nutshell, I have taken part in 84 encounters and fire assaults and killed 9 militants while unearthed large arms caches, cash and documents . I also established 2 new listening posts just about 15 Mtrs from the LoC to assist in fire assaults on Pakistani Posrs in the Mendar Sector ( J& K)

    My services were recognized twice by Distinguish Service Awards. Understandably this was attributed to my fine team .

    Later I joined a multinational company as country head for 3 years and concluded business worth Rs 3500 Cr. I have travelled to over 12 countries including China.

    I was diagnosed with Cancer and I left everything to come out of it through medication | meditation and ACM . Now I have fully recovered and I am ready to be part of a global org which can help India fight terrorism.

    I am a fine orator and have in-depth knowledge on history of warfare through ages in the Indian sub- continent , terrorism and economics of terrorism ( since terrorism is an industry and an extension of State policy )

    My militart experience and never say die attitude coupled with ability to do multi- million dollar projects can be very useful for India Foundation .

    I belong to a family of Civil Servants for three generations and desire to serve the nation in varying capacity.

    Best Regards
    Col Ajay Sharma ( 57 years )

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