September 24, 2014

India Ideas Conclave

India Foundation in collaboration with the Government of Goa is organising an event called India Ideas Conclave focused on discussing “Integral Human Development” on 19-21 Dec, 2014 at Hotel Park Hyatt, Goa.

The India Ideas Forum has been created as an exclusive, by invitation-only annual event where a few selected global leaders and renowned subject matter experts will discuss cutting edge ideas. There will be about 70 distinguished speakers from India and abroad who will share their thoughts on this platform. The Forum will comprise 350 select invitees consisting of Global CEO’s, leading scientists, technologists, leading politicians and entertainment and media executives.


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  1. I wish to Participate in the India Ideas Conclave 2018. I also participated in the last year Conclave. The conclave is a center for brain storming of Ideas from distinguished personalities across the globe. Wish to be a part of it.

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