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September 24, 2014

National Seminar on “Integral Humanism”

India Foundation organised a two-day National Seminar on the “Integral Humanism” concept of Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhyaya, which comprises some seminal ideas and theories which are of great contemporary relevance and significance. The Seminar was held on 25-26 October, 2014 at the Indian Institute of Public Administration (IIPA), New Delhi.



IMG_6708-e1421063838291RSS Sahsarkaryavah Dr Krishna Gopal stressed the need to develop the feeling of sacrifice and devotion in the new generation. He said today’s education system adequately focuses on skill development, but it severely lacks the values of life. It is because of this spirituality, which develops values, is missing from modern education.

Dr Krishna Gopal was speaking at the concluding ceremony of a two-day national seminar on Integral Humanism on October 26. The Seminar was organised by Centre for Study of Religion & Society (CSRS), a wing of India Foundation. About 150 top academicians from across the country participated in the seminar and held fruitful discussion. Former Governor of Karnataka and Kerala Shri TN Chaturvedi presided over the inaugural and concluding sessions. In different sessions about 35 academicians and research scholars presented papers and parallel sessions were held in Hindi and English.




The RSS Sahsarkaryavah came down heavily on those who claim that they are ‘self-made’ and do not recognise the contribution of others in their progress. He said since birth a large number of people at different stages help us in our journey and refused to accept that contribution is unethical. He stressed the need that thinking of integral humanism needs to be adopted in all spheres of life including government, politics, economic, social, education, etc. He appealed to the participants to start work on it at their respective places. He made it clear that what Deendayalji said was not new rather it has been in our culture since ancient time and its uninterrupted continuity can be seen at all times. He said this thinking has never been divisive as the western concepts are.

Earlier, speaking at the inaugural session RSS Sahsarkaryavah Shri Suresh Soni explained the concept of Integral Humanism and said it has been part and parcel of all our activities. “Offering first ‘chapatti’ to the cow, water and feed to birds and animals and thinking for the welfare of every creature in the universe have been part of our daily life since ancient time. But for sometime this thinking has weakened and its disintegration is visible in all spheres of life,” he said adding that Deendayalji prominently focused on three points—abundance in production, balance in distribution and restrains in consumption. “This will lead to sustainable development. The nature can fulfil the needs but not the greeds,” he added.

Referring to the modern concepts of development based on liberalisation, privatisation and globalisation he said the distorted vision of man and universe being propounded by the West has led to destruction and the humanity is at cross roads. “At this juncture Bharat can show the way to the world and integral humanism propounded by Deendayalji is the remedy that can cure the entire world,” Shri Soni added. Prime objective of the seminar was to expound the philosophy of integral humanism for the benefit of whole humanity. It focused on Deendayalji’s social, political, economic and cultural thoughts which were brain storming and thought provoking. The seminar aimed at encouraging the young modern minds to carry forward to its zenith, the rich legacy left behind. “Integral humanism offers a creative reinterpretation of multi-hued vibrant Indian culture. It is the central axis of Deendayalji’s thoughts. It is not anthropo-centric but cosmic human centric centering on the concepts of Vasudhaiva kutumbakam. Deendayalji charted out a new paradigm of world order with a spirit of spiritual ecumenism and spiritual globalisation,” said Prof. SR Bhatt, convener of the seminar and former Head of Department of Philosophy, Delhi University.


Courtesy: Organiser Weekly

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