Kashmiris and the Idea of Pakistan

Some time back, I read an article by Randeep Singh Nandal of TNN, titled ‘Fault line in Kashmir makes people root for Afridi and…Read More

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The Crusade Behind Conversions

Christians are thoroughly muddled over the business of conversion. They don’t want to quit this field of clover. However, think for a moment. Do…Read More

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Jammu and Kashmir Interlocutors’ Report: My Views

It is not a very radical report. The interlocutors tried to placate the separatists, main stream political parties of the valley and also tried…Read More

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Challenges before Indian Christians

India is the homeland of four world religions — Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism and Sikhism. The ancient sages have from time to time formulated different…Read More

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Buddhist Economics of Compassion and Communion

  It is universally felt that all is not well with the present day thoughts and practices in the sphere of economics engulfing the…Read More

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International Conspiracies Behind the J&K Imbroglio

  Churchill called Hindus beastly people with a beastly religion. In a meeting with Mountbatten, he described Muslims as Britain’s allies and accused him…Read More

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The Andhra Mess

Boards with the words “Andhra Mess” scrawled on them are invariably found in the gullies and mohallas of most towns and cities in Andhra Pradesh. Increasingly, such boards…Read More

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