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November 5, 2023

G20 Workshop on ‘Implementing Goa Roadmap for Tourism’

As a part of its ongoing G20 Think Tank Workshop Series, NITI Aayog organized a workshop on “Implementing Goa Roadmap for Tourism” on November 04, 2023, with India Foundation and the Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, as its knowledge partners.

The workshop was aimed at concluding deliberationsfocusing on the implementation of the Goa Roadmap.The discussions were conducted over four thematic sessions. In the plenary session, Shri Yugal Joshi, Adviser, NITI Aayog, delivered the welcome address. Ms. V. Vidyavathi, Secretary, Ministry of Tourism, Government of India, delivered the thematic address. Shri Suman Bery, Hon’ble Vice Chairman, NITI Aayog, presided over the workshop as the Chief Guest and delivered brief remarks, setting the backdrop for the day-long discussions. He emphasized on the need for developing the tourism sector along the lines of gender led development and reinforcing Nari Shakti.

The discussions touched upon various issues, opportunities and challenges posed before a sustainable development of the tourism sector. It was highlighted that dispersion of tourism and its management are contemporary challenges to be dealt with, and a pact of co-creation between the private and public sector could provide practical solutions. Additionally, local tourism is a major source of both income and cultural upliftment. The panelists also stated that local tourism would add on to developing the idea of sustainable tourism circuits, ensuring support to the local economy as well as guaranteeing environmental conservation. There was an emphasis on the regulation of tourist footfall, and the need to balance a boom in visitor capacity of tourist destinations against our commitment to environment protection, green tourism and sustainability.

The workshop identified critical issues and action points that have emerged from the Goa Roadmap. It shed light on new challenges and opportunities, such as the digital revolution or the need for greater environmental stewardship, and the urgency with which they need to be addressed. The workshop concluded with the commitment to carry the spirit of Goa Roadmap ahead – a spirit of collective action and shared responsibility for a tourism sector that can sustainably support our planet and its people.

Press Note by NITI Aayog on the workshop may be accessed here.

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