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  1. Breaching Easter Boundaries
  2. Draft Education Policy 2019 – A vision for the future of education in India
  3. Book Review: The Twice Born by Aatish Tasser for the India Foundation Journal
  4. Indian economy: Potential for growth
  5. Book Review: ‘Our Time Has Come: How India is Making Its Place in the World’ by Alyssa Ayres for the India Foundation Journal
  6. Subhas Chandra Bose a true seeker: Netaji’s life has lessons for those fighting for Hindutva and Hinduism today
  7. Sardar Patel – Man who United India
  8. Kashmir’s Missing Narrative
  9. Quit India Movement
  10. Bhagat Singh’s 87th death anniversary: Despite political appropriations, freedom fighter remains youth icon
  11. Review Article for the India Foundation Journal: Draft New Education Policy 2016- What does it have in store for School Education
  12. One Nation One Election
  13. Education: Looking beyond the Books
  14. Education: Building India’s Foundation
  15. Personal Blogs and Poems

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